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Medianova's goal is to discuss relevant social issues and contribute to positive social change through the production of audio-visual content such as films, photographs and podcasts, as well as through publishing.


Since we live in the digital age, audio-visual forms are extremely close to young people and we believe that through them they can express themselves best. Medianova is therefore engaged in the production of short documentaries and feature films, podcasts, music and promotional videos. Medianova also strives to educate young people on how to make the best use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies and the Internet. Therefore, education in both the field of audio-visual arts and media literacy is an important segment of this programme. Medianova also aims to contribute to the sustainability of the Kulturanova, through service activities, which will be offered to other organizations and individuals.


• Production of audio-visual content - films, music videos, promotional videos, podcasts

• Art education of young people - workshops on topics such as: photography, mojo and video editing

• Promotion of young artists - organization of exhibitions, film screenings, poetry evenings

• Media literacy - education of young people in cooperation with journalistic organizations

• Publishing

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