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Futuranova aims to support the growth and sustainability of the cultural and creative sector by developing transnational projects that enable individuals and organizations to encourage transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation, resulting in the strengthening of the creative and social economy.

Programme description

Due to the progressive transition to a creative economy, it has become apparent that art and culture must work hard to keep up with the global transformation in business and technology. Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) need to innovate and find a new opportunity for growth. Moreover, as a direct consequence of economic change and the financial crisis, cultural organizations need to become more business-oriented to achieve long-term sustainability. For cultural organizations based on construction, it is crucial to look for connections between art, business, technology and social innovation. At the same time, CCIs can expand their audience by positioning themselves in the business system as providers of cultural services / activities, as they represent important operators for social change or for improving the performance of organizations operating in traditional sectors.

Key aspects of the programme

• Transnational cooperation - implementation of projects with partners from the World Bank and Europe

• Innovations

• Development of social economy - support for art projects using new technologies

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